Campus Policies

Here are the policies from the Student-Parent Handbook that are specific to McCollum:

Dress and Grooming:
The Harlandale ISD established a dress and grooming code for the following reasons.
• To create an atmosphere conducive to learning and to minimize disruptions due to personal appearance,conduct, grooming and hygiene, and attire.
• To foster an attitude of respect for authority, and to prepare students to enter the workplace, which often hasrules regarding dress, conduct, and appearance.
• To ensure that the conduct and grooming of students who represent the District in extracurricular activitiescreate a favorable impression for the District and community.

Students must dress and groom in a manner appropriate for a public school educational environment because webelieve that in doing so, students are prepared for success. Clothing and accessories must be worn as intended by themanufacturer. Costumes or portions of costumes are not allowed at any time throughout the school year. Visible undergarments are not allowed. School Administrators are the final authority and will determine, in a manner that isconsistent and non-arbitrary, whether the student’s dress and grooming distracts or otherwise interferes with theeducational process.

A student may be asked to return home to change clothes or the student’s parents may be contactedto bring a change of clothing. The principal or designee may also discipline, in accordance with the Student Code ofConduct, a student who violates the dress code.

Belts with metal spikes or studs are not allowed. Over size belt buckles or buckles that are made of metal and that maybe used as a weapon or to conceal contraband are not allowed.

Birthday Celebrations

Celebrations will be limited to the last 15 minutes of the school day. Cakes and homemade baked goods will not beallowed. Purchased cupcakes with a label may be checked in to the front office and will be allowed the last 15 minutesof the day.

Body Piercing

Visible body piercing (spacers included) of the nose, eyebrows, lips, tongue, cheeks, or navel is prohibited. Concealingvisible piercings with a bandage or anything else will not be acceptable; student will have to remove the object inquestion to comply with dress code.


Stud / small earrings are not permitted for boys in Middle School. Gauges, Bars or Rods are also not permittedin Middle School. Earrings, for both males and females, must adhere to the appropriate jewelry guidelines andmust be appropriate, i.e., no earrings that pose a safety concern, or cause disruption because of theirdesign. Spikes and spacers are not allowed. This includes any object used as a spacer.

Facial Hair

Facial hair is prohibited at Middle Schools. Facial hair is permitted at High Schools but must be neatly groomed.

Gang Affiliated Dress

Gang affiliated dress is prohibited. Any clothing item, accessory, or any other article that the principal or designeedetermines to be gang-related, disruptive to, or interfering with the educational process is prohibited.

Unconventional (as determined by the campus principal), multi-colored, spiked, carved, inappropriately long, rat tail,or Mohawk like styled hair is prohibited. Also, hair that obstructs vision or covers the face is not allowed. Hair coloringmust be a natural or conventional color. Refer to Dress and Grooming in this Handbook (page 18).

Halloween Costumes
Costumes, facial paint and/or commercial or face painted masks are not permitted.

At all secondary schools, wallet chains and watch chains are prohibited. Dog collars, choke chains, bracelets withinappropriate messages, jewelry and belts with metal spikes or studs, or jewelry depicting violent, offensive, lewd,vulgar, or obscene themes are prohibited. Belt buckles, bracelets or necklaces, and watch chains made from heavy gaugemetal are prohibited. Jewelry made from heavy metal objects is prohibited. Mouth grills, and unconventionalbody jewelry are not allowed. Rosaries must be worn inside the shirt and not be visible.

Leisure Clothing
Pajamas are prohibited. House slippers and other house shoes are prohibited. Bare feet are prohibited.

Oversized Clothing
At all secondary schools, campus administrators determine what constitutes oversized clothing. Bagging or saggingpants are prohibited. Pants must be worn at the waist and not hanging down below the waist.

Shorts, Skirts, Dresses and Pants
At secondary schools, all shorts and skirts/dresses are not to be shorter than two (2) inches from the top of the knee. Ifopaque leggings are worn, shorts, skirts and dresses must not be shorter than fingertip length. If shorts, skirts anddresses are worn at fingertip length, solid or opaque jeggings or leggings must be worn underneath. Jeggings, leggings,
spandex and yoga pants cannot be worn in isolation unless the top is at least fingertip length all the way around. Thecampus administrator shall be the final arbiter of appropriate length. Shorts and skirts are to be loose fitting, not tight.Cut-off shorts are prohibited. Shorts, skirts, or pants with excessive holes or holes inappropriately placed are prohibited.Plain or solid colored joggers/sweatpants are permitted in middle school.

Shirts and Tops
At all secondary schools, prohibited shirts and tops include tank tops; halter tops; racer back tops; muscle shirts; fishnet;see-through tops; low cut, revealing tops; tops that do not cover the midriff; strapless tops; spaghetti strap tops;clothes with violent, vulgar, lewd, offensive or obscene language or graphics; clothing with wording or images havingdouble meanings for obscenities or vulgarities; low back or backless blouses; sleeveless blouses or tops advertisingweapons, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other prohibited substance. [FNCA (Legal)] T-shirts andshirts must be tucked in if the length extends farther than the wrist of the student when the arm is extended straightdown.

Inappropriate tattoos must be covered. The student is responsible for covering the tattoo. Inappropriate tattoos includethose deemed violent, vulgar, lewd, gang-related, or that depict offensive behavior or obscene language. The principalor designee determines what is gang-related, offensive, or interfering with the educational process.

Other Prohibited Items
Steel toed boots or shoes, bandanas, caps, and hats are prohibited. Book bags, folders or other items marked with gang relatedgraffiti are prohibited. Non-prescriptive colored contact lenses and non-prescriptive sunglasses are prohibited.

Dress during Extracurricular Activities
The principal, in consultation with the teacher in charge of the activity, may regulate the dress and grooming ofparticipating students. The responsible activity leader determines the appropriateness of the student’s dress andgrooming. Dress and grooming is considered inappropriate if it:
       • creates a safety hazard to self or others;
       • prevents, interferes with, or adversely affects the purpose, or effort required for the 
              activity to achieve its goals.

The dress and grooming code will apply not only to regular school year, but also to other extracurricular activities, Saturday School, Harlandale ISD Summer School programs, summer academies, or any other school-related activities, including field trips, extra-curricular activities and co-curricular activities. School Administrators will determine in a manner that is consistent and non-arbitrary, whether the student’s dress and grooming distracts or otherwise interferes with the educational process.


• McCollum High School is a closed campus. Students are not allowed to leave campus for lunch or to run errands, etc.



School staff will not be responsible for delivering non-academic items to students during the school day (including food).
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