Aguilar, Rafael

Subject:  Algebra I

Teacher:  Mr. Aguilar          Room 223                       McCollum HS


Course Objective:

In this course we will improve our number sense and numeracy (that is, our general mathematical skills) as we explore: number & algebraic methods; linear functions, equations, & inequalities; quadratic functions & equations; and exponential functions & equations.


Course Materials


1.  PENCILS – All work must be done in pencil.

2.  Notebook paper.

3.  A set of dividers.

4.  Extra pencils, erasers, and paper.

Note: Should you & your family have difficulty providing these supplies at any time throughout the year, please see Mr. Henry Bernal (campus social worker) or Ms. Rachel Vargas (Communities In Schools site coordinator).

  • Each student will be given a  ½-inch binder.
  • A TI-84 Graphing Calculator will be provided for CLASSROOM USE ONLY.  Note: There are many calculator emulator apps available (such as Wabbitemu for Android devices) which can always be used on your mobile devices outside of class.
  • A copy of McGraw Hill Education’s Texas Algebra 1 will be provided for classroom use only.  However, each student will also have a subscription to the textbook & accompanying features online through

Student Expectations and Rules:

  1. Always put forth your maximum effort.
  2. Demonstrate respect for yourself and others.
  3. Participate every day.  Take an active role in your learning.
  4. Raise your hand for permission to speak or leave your seat.
  5. Cell phones & other personal electronics should be out of sight and silent at all times.


Grading Policy:

Formative – 40%

  • Daily Work/Participation – 30%
  • Homework- 10%

Summative – 60%

  • Tests – 40%
  • Quizzes/projects– 20%


Late work will, of course, not receive full credit.  Furthermore, no assignment will be accepted more than two weeks late, or after the last Thursday of a grading period.

After any absence, it is the student’s responsibility to pick-up notes missed & complete assignments missed. Tutoring with Mr. Aguilar is available on Mondays after school 4:10- 5:10 p.m., Thursdays before school 7:15- 8:10am, or by appointment.  Re-tests (for quizzes and tests) will be available on specific days but will likely be modified from the test originally given.  Parents should communicate with the teacher/school if a student misses an extended period of time for whatever reason.  


Questions, Comments, and Concerns:

  • Email
  • Phone  (210) 989-1500.  Please leave me a message.  My conference time is 3rd period (10:16 – 11:04am).


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