Badillo, Loraine

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs.  Loraine  Badillo

AVID Elective Teacher
Phone  989-1538

Subjects Taught

AVID, Psychology, Sociology

1982 McCollum High School

1988 B.A. in Business/Management from Notre Dame of Maryland University

1994 Alternative Certification for Teachers from Notre Dame of Maryland University 

2005 M.S. in Education/Integrating Technology & Curriculum from Walden University

Class Schedule  

1st Period AVID 1 Room 520

ADVISORY (Coordinator) Room 520

2nd Period AVID 2 Room 520

3rd Period AVID 3&4  Room 520

4th Period       (Lunch)

5th Period  (Conference) Room 520

6th Period     (PLC) Room 528

7th Period  Psych./Soc. Room 520

8th Period  Soc./Psych. Room 520

Supply List 

  • 3-inch Binder
  • Paper
  • Pens/Pencils/Highlighters
  • 1 Subject Notebook
  • Flash Drive

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