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Diamante Poem
Due Date: 8/26/2015
Subject: English II

Today we took notes over the parts of speech. We created a foldable of an expanding sentence to identify those parts of speech. We were introduced to the term GERUND which is a verb + ing. We created a Diamante poem together in class using a tempate and examples on a worksheet. On the back of that work sheet we wrote our own individual Diamante poems.

Class Schedule  

1st Period: English 2

2nd Period: PLC

3rd Period: English 4 AP

4th Period: Lunch 

5th Period: Conference

6th Period: English 2

7th Period: English 2

8th Period: English 2


Supplies and Syllabus  

All supplies and a signed syllabus are due in class on Tuesday for your 1st grade. Extra credit will be given to those who bring them to class by Friday.

Supply List 

All textbooks are classroom sets only. Additional textbooks are available for check out.

English 4 AP:

  • 5 x 7 (or larger) notecards/index cards
  • composition notebook college rule
  • legal pad
  • pens, pencils, highlighters (at least 4 colors)
  • post-it notes


English 2:

  • Composition notebook college rule
  • flash drive
  • extra paper/spiral/binder
  • pens/pencils

Summer Reading List 

For AP Only:

Jane Eyre summer reading exam this Friday August 28th. Book must be completed by September 4th.

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