Tinch, Kristopher

Mr. Kristopher Tinch
Social Studies

Class Schedule  


Period                                                      Room Number

 1     D.C. Gov tutorial                                 514 

 2     US History PLC                                  506

 3     conference                                         514

 4     Dept. Chair conf.                                 514

 5     Gov/Eco                                             514

 6     Lunch                               

 7     Eco/Eco                                             514

 8     US Hisotry                                          514
 9     Gov/Eco                                             514  

Tutoring time 

  M,W,     7:30am - 8:00am                          514


Subjects Taught
Government, Economics, US History, and D.C. Government tutorial

 After graduating from Madison High School, I enrolled in college and received a B.A. in History from the University of Texas at San Antonio. After completing the Texas Teacher Certification Program at UTSA, I began teaching here at McCollum High School. This is my 11th year of teaching and I am  working towards completing my Masters in Educational Leadership at Texas A&M San Antonio.

I look forward to the new challenges and rewards that will come with this upcoming school year.



Government, Economics, US History, World Geography, World History, Psychology, Sociology, and AVID III, IV.


Students are expected to use Google Classroom. 
(complete assingments and print copies)

Use the code that is listed next to your class period to log in 

Period 5- iazc3cc
Period 6- Lunch
Period 7- s1ips7
Period 8- zszho8
Period 9- inp4o1

Google Classroom Resources 
5 computer labs on campus
MHS Library 
BiblioTech  3505 Pleasanton Rd, San Antonio, TX 78221
     Hours:  M-F     12pm-8pm
                 S-Sun  10am-6pm           

Supply List

Spiral notebook


Case study readings and current event articles

Binder with notebook paper

A flash drive is always a good idea


(Kristopher Tinch) 8/22/2014

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C-Notes Math (Kristopher Tinch) 8/23/2012

Cornell Notes on Cornell Notes (Kristopher Tinch) 8/23/2012

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