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Aquatic Science


My name is Kristen Wilson and I am the Aquatic Science teacher at McCollum High School. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor's degree in Marine Biology.  Before I came to MHS I worked in the Aviculture department at Sea World.  I took care of a variety of aquatic birds but most especially the penguins.  I gained a lot of knowledge about aquatic animals during my years there and I hope to share some of that with my students. I have been at McCollum since 2007 and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  I love working with my students and helping them to meet their future goals.  My hope this year is that they will learn many things, not only about science but about life that they can take with them after graduation.

I am looking forward to meeting as well as getting to know each student in my class. It is my goal that each student do thier very best and reach his or her full potential in my classroom. Academic achievements in science classes can often lead to wonderful career opportunities. I hope to make this academic year a successful and fun-filled year for my students.





Aquatic Science                                                                     Name___________________

Mrs. Kristen Wilson                                                               Period______



Course Description

Aquatic science is course based on theproperties of water, the biology and ecology of the animals that live init, and how both affect our lives. The topics covered in the course include but are not limited to:

 Intro to Water                                                                       Aquatic Ecosystems      
 Water Chemistry                                                                Aquatic Organisms                                                                             
Physical Oceanography                                                  Human Interactions


The student will need:

Pencil                                                                                                     Pen (blue or black only)

Plastic cover spiral notebook (at least 100 pgs)              Scotch tape (lots of tape will be used)

Folder                                                                                                     Colored pencils (optional)


Course Requirements- Each student is responsible for completing the following:

Maintain a notebook as directed by the teacher

Lab Work ( includes pre and post lab activities)

Special assignments and projects (may include field trips)

Participation in cooperative learning and class discussion


Grading Criteria:

Assessment ( Tests, Quizzes, and other projects)…………60%

Labs, Daily work….…………………….......................………………..20%

Homework/Current Events………………………………..…….…10%


Classroom Expectations

Start of Class:

  • Arrive prepared with all      necessary materials and supplies.
  • Place personal materials      (purses, books, etc.) under your      desk. I want to be able to see      your bright smiling faces and you need room to work.
  • Be in your assigned seat working on the      warm-up when the bell rings,      not after.
  • I do enforce the tardy      policy. If you are not in your seat      when the bell rings you are tardy.       If you come in late you need to bring a note otherwise I will count      you tardy. This includes band      members and spirit squad members on pep rally days.



  • All work needs to be neat  and legible. If I can not read it, it’s wrong.
  • If you do not turn in assignments on the day they are due they will be recorded as a zero.  I give plenty of time for you to turn in work, so once I grade an assignment you will be given no more than a 50 for work turned in late. 


  • If you are absent You are responsible for getting missed work, the day you return to school
  • You must come see me  before or after class on the day you return to pick up missing  assignments.
  • You need to bring me your admit slip to get your work and make sure I put a due date on it.
  • If your absence is  unexcused you may not be able to make up the work or receive full credit.


Hall passes

  • You may not leave class during   the first 10 or last 10 minutes of class, that is district policy.
  • Permission to leave class  is at my discretion. If you aren’t here you’re missing out.



You are expected to fully participate in class. This includes beingprepared, being on time, having materials, paying attention contributingto class discussion, completing daily work, homework and projects.

  • You must be awake to fully  participate, please do not sleep in my class
  • You must be on task to  fully participate. Materials not related to the subject matter should be put away (homework for other classes, magazines, books, cell phones,   make-up, etc.)
  • You must be on subject to fully participate. Keep conversations related to subject matter.


End of class

  • You are expected to work  for the entire class period.
  • Wait to pack up your area until instructed to do so.
  • Stay in your seat until the bell rings.


I will almost always be available for tutoring before 8am. If youneed to come to tutoring earlier than 8 please make arrangements the daybefore. I will also be here after school until 4:30. If you need to come in another time please let me know a day ahead of time.


Extra Credit:

All extra credit will be given at the teacher’s discretion.


Parent/Teacher Conference:

My conference period is scheduled during 3rd period (10:16-11:04). Ifyou have any questions regarding your child’s performance in this class please call the McCollum Counseling Center (210) 921-4517. I will speakwith you at the first available time. A better way to reach me is via  e-mail kristen.wilson@harlandale.net


Class Schedule 

1st - Aquatic Science 8:20-9:08

2nd- Aquatic Science 9:13-10:11 (Breakfast served in classroom)

3rd- Conference 10:16-11:04

4th-Mastery Content 11:09-11:57

5th- Aquatic Scince 12:02-12:50

6th- Lunch 

7th- Aquatic Science 1:30-2:18 


9th- Aquatic Science 3:16-4:05 

Supply List

Spiral Notebook (At least 100 sheets)

Scotch tape


Pen( blue or black only)


Suggested: Colored pencils, highlighter


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